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Cafe Carver 159cm / 179cm (Soft-boot)

$499.99 $699.99

Race boards are a whole lot of fun. Laying down hard carving trench diggers on perfectly manicured groomer is hard to beat. And if you live somewhere that has mile wide, rolling, uncrowded groomers that stay flat and beautiful all day, then full on race boards are the way to go.

Unfortunately realty is different from the dream. More often than not you're riding on a Saturday, on a mountain that becomes quickly crowded, and the conditions turn to patchy ice plates interspaced with death cookies and slush bumps criss crossed by beginner skiers on your "expert slope".

This is what the SoftCarve is for. Whether you intend to ride it with an aggressive angled hard boot system, or a more relaxed carving soft boot set up, this fantastic board turns those irregular slope conditions into a carving fest.

Don't be mislead by its length which has an edge length comparable to a race board 20cm shorter. The long progressive nose rocker is there so you can duck off into the trees and powder when the opportunity presents itself, while the shortened running edge length combined with medium flex, and compressible tail mean you can carve a short radius turn on a dime at even slow speeds. 

You know you're a carver. Your friends know it... heck even ski patrol knows it...  but now you can get your carve on, in the most varied and imperfect conditions, without getting frustrated.

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Main Technical Specifications

Board Name

Dangerous / Singular


179cm / 159cm

Nose Width

310mm / 273mm

Waist Width

252mm / 223mm

Tail width

302mm / 267mm

Nose Rocker length

311mm / 276mm

Nose Rocker height

43mm / 37mm

Tail Rocker length

83mm / 72mm

Tail Rocker height

12mm / 11mm

Stance Offset

80mm / 70mm to rear

Stance Width

496mm / 475 mm when centered on inserts

Longitudinal flex

 6/10 Medium / 4/10 Soft

Effective Edge

1393mm / 1242mm


10mm / 9mm

Core Material


Base material

Sintered PE

Laminate Materials

tri-axial fiberglass

Tail Flex stabaliser

Carbon Stringer

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