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Buzz Kill


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Sometimes, going kayaking on a hot summer day is a lot like going to the beach in ski boots. Hard plastic, clamped down around you, in the sweltering heat, just so you can surf some waves. And in the lineup with you, a surfer or paddleboarder, in nothing more than board shorts, waiting his turn. Wouldn’t it be great to have that same freedom and simplicity?

This is that surfers Buzz Kill. This is a park and play toy only, for glassy waves with easy eddy access, or for wake surfing behind a boat. You’re not going to be running any whitewater with this, but you are going to shred that wave like you own it. You’re going to be about as awkward looking as a wobbling paddleboarder when you’re not on the wave, but when you’re on the wave… hoo-boy, hang onto your socks!

The boat comes in three sizes because it’s critical that you use the smallest one you can possible sit on. Fine tune adjustment comes from tightening or loosening the thigh straps, and moving the foot strap forward or back a couple of inches. The boat is made from Innegra and Kevlar Carbon. It’s light and it’s designed to perform that way, so don’t hit rocks with it (it’ll take some whacks, but if you beat this thing it’s going to break). The Buzz Kill is made from Carbon kevlar for the best in weight and strength.


Buzz Kill SM:  6'1"″ x 23.5″ x 8.2″ – 126ltr (average paddler weight 110-150lbs)

Buzz Kill MD: 6'6” x 25″ x 8.7″ – 152ltr (average paddler weight 140-190lbs)

Buzz Kill LG: 6’10″ x 26.5″ x 9.2″ – 181ltr (average paddler weight 180-230lbs)


Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name

Buzz Kill (medium)


6’6"| 198cm


25”| 63cm

Height (front)

8.5” | 21.5cm

Height (Back)

8.5” | 21.6cm

Nose Rocker

9.2" | 23.5cm

Tail Rocker

4.3” | 11cm

Rocker type


Cockpit Length (Outside)

44”| 112cm

Cockpit Width (Outside)

21”| 54cm

Construction (Strong)

Kevlar, Innegra, Carbon, Fiberglass

Construction (Light)

Carbon, Innegra

Boat Weight (Strong)

18lbs | 8kg

Boat Weight (Light)

16 lbs | 7kg

Wave Surfing Paddler Weight

140lbs-190lbs | 64kg-86kg

Hole Riding Paddler Weight



Thigh Straps and Foot Straps

Grab Loops


Security Bars





40 Gal | 151ltr


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