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Powder Surf (edgeless)

Powder Surf (edgeless)


Edgeless foam core powder surfers are really fun. You ride this exactly like you would a surfboard... but on snow.

This board has been cool to work on, and we have a small batch arriving in January 2021. Super light weight construction - weight is EVERYTHING when riding bindingless.
It's made a little like a surfboard with a foam core and epoxy/fiberglass construction, but is vacuum bagged for maximum strength to weight ratio. It has no steel edges, to keep weight down, but the fiberglass "edge" is reinforced with our unique construction method so it can be "sharpened", and is surprisingly impact resistant for the insane lightweight.
The curved bottom "boat hull" allows the board to rock effortlessly from rail to rail, while the tip to tail rocker keeps it gliding effortlessly on the surface, handling and turning just like a surfboard.

There is a "insert track" laminated into the board that allows it to be ridden either without bindings, or with a simple "wake board" type strap. If you really want to, the hole pattern for the tracks allows for 2x4 binding set up. The goal is to keep the board super light for back country access (using snow shoes or Drift boards) as an alternative to split boarding.

Limited quantities of each, so order yours now if you want in on this.

Retail is $800 usd, and it comes with boot traction spikes that you install where wanted.

All Prices US$. Price Includes partial Shipping* included. 

Main Technical Specifications

Board Name

Powder Surfer


115 | 125 | 135| 140 | 148 cm

Nose Width

25.5 | 28| 30 | 31.2 | 33 mm

Nose Rocker height

6.1 | 6.8| 7.2 | 7.6 | 7.9 mm

Tail Rocker height

1 | 1.2| 1.3 | 1.4 | 1.5 mm

Insert Pattern

Kiteboard track (2x4 self tap)

Leash Attachement


Core Material

EPS foam

Laminate Materials

S Fiberglass / Epoxy resign

Rider (+-20lbs each side)

80 | 100| 130 | 150 | 180 lbs

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