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Monster Plates

Monster Plates


***2019/2020 season release***

Plates are sold as individual plates, so order 2 as a set.

We recommend riding the Cafe Carver and Retro Carver boards with our Monster Plates between the bindings and the board.
These plates are unique int that they are designed to remove the "stiff point" under the binding chassis (makes for a more even board flex and also there is less likelihood of a board breaking at the binding from crimping), and allows you to adjust the flex and stiffness of the board ends. In addition, they are adjustable in height (by adding 1mm x 20mm OD washers between the bumpers and the underside of the plate you can add about 1mm at a time). 
If you move the plates towards the ends, relative to the binding position selected, it'll make board ends stiffer. Move them towards the centre to give the board ends more flex. 
All effort has been made to reduce weight by cutting out any extra material (which created the strange "squiggly shape).
These can be used with any board type and style if you like a raised foot, but they're especially useful on the cafe carver (or similar boards) to reduce boot drag, increase edging power, and create a more even flex pattern in the board for carving. 
The plates are sold individually, so you can elect the symmetrical or asymmetrical shape depending on your needs. If your feet are 20 degrees or less, the symmetrical plates work great. For foot angle more than 20 degrees, select the asymmetrical design (or perhaps symmetrical for back foot and asymmetrical for front foot). Plates come with all mounting hardware.
Weight: about 350g each


All Prices US$. Price Includes partial Shipping* included. 



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