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Nineteen Ninety Nine 199cm (powder)

Nineteen Ninety Nine 199cm (powder)


***2019/2020 season release***


It seems like no matter how big the dump is, 3 hours into the day everything is tracked out. Unless you're willing to go hunting for fresh tacks. One way of course is a split board.

But within the confines of ski areas, are secret stashes that are hard to get to. Often the snow is too deep for the slope or cat track pitch,  which means only some skiers can get there. Or you're walking. Sitting on the chair, you can see big beautiful powder bowls, calling you, untracked; because the pitch is simply not aggressive enough to normally ride in the deep snow. 

That's where the 1999 comes in. Your first reaction might be "that's a lot of board", but don't be mislead by its length. With just 130cm of effective sidecut (but 150cm of effective edge in powder), this board handles like a deck 30cm shorter.

But that nose isn't just there for looks. The long sweeping, low rocker nose means it glides effortlessly up and over powder with the greatest of ease, maintaining speed where other boards bog down and stop.

We've built just a little traditional camber underfoot, to give it that fun familiar springy feel, but then started to rocker the base 70cm from the nose and 40mm from the tail so it handles like a rockered board in powder.

Whether you're chasing steep mountain big open bowls, or powder hunting at your local resort, this amazing deck delivers like nothing else will.

 The standard "non split" Powder boards are DYI splittable board. The core is made so that if you cut your board down the center, it is not necessary to seal the cut with epoxy and fiberglass. The board is also built with the hill climbing pin inserts pre-installed, so that all that remains is for you to drill counter sunk holes through the board for the clamp mounting points. No insert installation is necessary. Yes, we thought of everything! We're not responsible if you trash your board cutting it in half, but we've made it easier to do if you want to.

All Prices US$. Price Includes Shipping*. 

Available Fall 2019.

Main Technical Specifications

Board Name




Nose Width


Waist Width


Tail width


Nose Rocker length


Nose Rocker height


Tail Rocker length


Tail Rocker height


Insert Pattern


Total Insert Splay


Longitudinal flex

 6/10 Soft

Effective edge

Groomer :1300mm | Powder: 1500mm



Core Material


Base material

Sintered PE

Laminate Materials

tri-axial fiberglass

Recommended Stance

F 10 to 45 / R 0 to 15 - Medium to Wide

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