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 Introducing Soul's first sit-on-top kayak for kids. The Nugget is focused on introducing your kids to rivers., but in a way that makes it easier for mom and dad. Because you sit on it, not in it, kids can freely get on and off it at will, meaning you're not chasing them to empty it out each time. This makes the kids self sufficient. 

The sweeping rocker makes learning to surf accessible for even the youngest kids, while the ample volume encourages progression through easy rapids. Adjustable footrests mean your kid can grow into the boat over many years, so you can maximize your investment.

While the Nugget's primary use is introduction to Whitewater, the drop down skeg makes it no slouch for easy flatwater lake paddling, expanding your options where it can be used.

The Nugget comes in two build options. The basic kayak, or the fully stocked version that also includes a paddle, the transport wheel, drop down skeg, storage hatch, and fittings for a backband and thigh strap attachment (not included).

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Main technical Specifications
Kayak Name Nugget
Length 5'7"| 170cm
Width 21”| 53cm
Volume 23 Gal | 88ltr
Height (front) 9.8” | 25cm
Height (Back) 8” | 21cm
Nose Rocker 8.5” | 22cm
Tail Rocker 5” | 13cm
Cockpit Length (Outside) 35”| 90cm
Cockpit Width (Outside) 16.5”| 42cm
Paddler Weight 34bs-70lbs | 15kg-32kg
Paddler Height 36" – 54" | 90cm - 135cm

 Adjustable Paddle - allows a 10cm width adjustment, and feather setting.

  Transport Wheel - snaps in and out without tools.

 Rotax Skeg. This helps young children paddle straight.


 Note: The Skeg is designed to fall out rather than tipping your kid over if it hits something. Read more here about this, and how to change that if you want to

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