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Deals, Sales & Discontinued

Deals, Sales & Discontinued

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From time to time we sell off demo boats, discontinued outfitting styles or models, and second quality boats. Every boat on this page is different, ranging in design, outfitting and specifications, but they all correspond with something listed elsewhere on the site.

The boats are sold "as-is", and the price reflects the overall quality of the boat. So for example, A boat that usually sells for $1200 and is listed at $1000, is going to be something that is basically new, and in perfect or near perfect condition (perhaps a shipping scratch, or it's simply an end of season blow out). That same model thats listed at $400.... well it's been a tough life, the boat is well used, and most likely needs some love (probabyl the outfitting has seen better days). 

More often than not, our sale boats are somewhere in the middle.

In all cases, we're selling you a boat that is structurally sound! If the boat is due for the recycling center, thats where it goes, not onto our demo sale page.

We pay up to $100 of the shipping cost of these demos. Since shipping ranges from about $130-180 in most cases, we automatically charge you $89 at checkout. If however, the shipping cost to your specific location is more, we will contact you prior to shipping to collect any difference from you (while its rare, we have seen shipping be as much as $350 in some strange circumstances, and there appears to be no rhyme or reason for the cost disparity from the freight companies).


All Prices are in USA Dollars.

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