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If there is one thing freestyle paddling has proven, is that if you want kids to perform to their maximum ability, their equipment needs to be an exact scale replica of “adult” equipment.

Slalom has suffered in its youth development in that all kids slalom boats conform to the ICF length and width regulations. These are made for adults (and assume that all adults are the same height and weight and body type), and so all “kids” slalom boats are little more than low volume full size boats. You cannot possibly expect a 10yr old to be able to paddle a boat correctly that was essentially designed for an adult. This means that they develop a certain set of skills to be able to handle and turn the over sized boat, and as they grow,  they’re constantly having to reinvent their skill set to conform to their now larger size in the same boat.

Our solution is to make a series of kayaks that are an exact scale replica of an adult slalom boats. Everything about it is scaled down proportionately, so a the whole range of kids, from 5-15 year olds can learn the skills immediately that they’ll use their entire slalom career, or learn slalom skills they can apply to their paddling in general. No attention is paid at all to the ICF regulations in this design, so that we can achieve this goal. 

Finally, kids can develop the correct skill set they need, in a kayak thats built specifically to fit them. Custom versions of these can be made at no extra cost (shape, or size).

We've called this boat the Angel, after the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, as this boat is the first step to getting kids there.

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Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name



270cm to 350cm


48cm to 61cm

Height (front)

20cm  to 26cm

Height (Back)

17.7cm to 22cm

Nose Rocker

17cm - 20cm

Tail Rocker

16cm -19cm

Rocker type


Cockpit Length (Outside)

60cm to 75cm

Cockpit Width (Outside)

34cm to 40cm

Club Construction

Kevlar/S Glass

Race Construction

Kevlar/Carbon/S Glass

Boat Weight (Club)

9kg- 11kg

Boat Weight (Race)

7kg- 9kg

Paddler Age

5-9yr, 9-12yr, 12-15yr, Adult

Paddler Weight

50lbs – 80lbs | 22kg-36kg

Internal Outfitting

None  - Shell Only

Grab Loops




Adjustable Seat



102ltr to 215ltr


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