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The Dusi Marathon is one of the most spectacular whitewater races of all time. 120kg of class 2-4 over a three day period, interlaced with grueling portages over mountain ranges with your kayak or sup on your shoulders, and long tiring lake paddles into howling head winds. More than 1700 paddlers compete in this spectacular race that started in 1951, and SUP entered the first time in 2014 with Corran winning the race in his first version of this amazing board.

It takes a special kind of board to run just such a race. One that's fast in a straight line, stable in whitewater, turns easily in crashing wave trains, can deal with side winds without blowing about, is light enough to carry over the mountains but strong enough to deal with the constant bombardment of rocks.

The design concept has evolved over 4 years, coming down in length from 17' to 14' so it's easier to handle in both the rapids and the portages, up in stability and turning without increasing width or rocker, is quicker draining, and in the new hollow construction, is both lighter and stronger.

The mzinDusi is made in South Africa, with Kevlar foam core or Carbon foam core.

Shipping on epoxy boards is extra. Select COD payment method and we will collect a 50% deposit on order, and balance of payment when it ships.

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Main technical Specifications

Board Name



14'| 427cm


26"|  66cm

Height (Center)

8.6” | 21.8cm

Height (Thickest point)

9” | 22.8cm

Nose Rocker

5” | 12.7cm

Tail Rocker

2.5” | 6.3cm

Rocker type


Heavy Construction


Light Construction


Board Weight (Kevlar)

26.4 lbs | 12kg

Board Weight (Carbon)

21 lbs | 9.5kg

Paddler Weight (ocean)

130lbs - 220lbs |59kg-99kg

Paddler Weight (rivers)

120lbs - 200lbs |54kg-90kg



Foam Deflector


Internal Core

Center beam

Grab Handle





1 Rotax


 80Gal | 304ltr


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