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Whitewater Stand Up Paddling is evolving fast, both in paddler skills and board design. Corran Addison has been leading the design charge since 2008, and he claims this new design is "my most significant breakthrough in SUP design since the Rapidfire in 2009".

Clearly the B-Smack is in many ways an evolution of the much loved Firestorm, but whats left is almost purely aesthetic in similarity. The most important changes are:

1) An overall reduction in size: This makes the board more responsive and easier to control in rough water, particularity rocky creeks. We've found that excessive width has only been necessary because paddlers needed to step back onto a narrower part of the board in order to turn and control it. Staying centered on a narrower board allows you to have both stability, and edging control.

2) A more advanced rocker curve: Reducing the need to "Step Back" to boof drops and holes allows you to stay connected to the board, and stay centered over the widest part of the board. This new bow lifting profile has made running wave trains easier, and boofing drops smoother.

3) Faster draining: Keeping the sunk in cockpit for increased retaliative stability to width, we've almost tripled the rate at which the water drains, increasing control, maneuverability and surfability.

4) Increased surfing: A combination of overall reduced size, hard carving rails in the back, and surf channels through the boards tail all make this board a fun surfer on even the smallest river features.

5) Offset Stomp Hooks: The hooks are now more in line with where your feet would naturally be when paddling, increasing paddler control and stability. They can be set for regular or goofy.

6) Stiffer, stronger and lighter: Lighter boards are easier to paddle, and easier to portage. Whether that's because you're carrying around rapids, or back up them to run them again, either way the reduced size and weight is appreciated. Along with this reduction in weight is an increase in overall stiffness.

7) Portage Buddy: We've solved the SUP portage problem - now it caries just as comfortably on your shoulder as a kayak!

Yes we're taking whitewater SUP to the next level. Again. But we're also under no delusions that WW SUP is a hit and miss affair and that even the very best paddlers fall a lot. It's part of the fun, the challenge, and also why nobody takes themselves seriously. Everyone gets a little bitch smacked now and then... so we decided to make that part of the fun.

Made in Canada

All Prices are in USA Dollars. DO NOT PAY AT CHECKOUT!

Delivery in spring 2018. When ordering select COD as payment method. We'll charge you A 50% deposit once we start the mold, and the balance when the board ships. Shipping Conditions.

Main technical Specifications

Board Name



8’| 244cm


33”| 84cm

Height (front)

9.6” | 23.9cm

Height (Back)

8” | 20.4cm

Nose Rocker

12” | 30.5cm  

Tail Rocker

4.8” | 12.2

Rocker type


Cockpit Length

5'5"| 165cm

Cockpit Width

24”| 60cm

Plastic Type (Orange colour)

Hilex 14 HDPE

Plastic Type (Yellow Colour)

Hilex 16 SHDPE

Boat Weight (Orange)

40lbs | 18kg

Boat Weight (Yellow)

31 lbs | 14kg

Extreme Use Paddler Weight

100lbs - 190lbs |45kg-86kg

General Use Paddler Weight

110lbs –220lbs | 50kg-100kg

Internal Support


Grab Loops


Stomp Hook


Flip Up Skeg



64 Gal | 245ltr



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