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Gladiator Armor Top

Gladiator Armor Top


€124.17 (Excluding VAT)

Gladiator Armor Top

If you're really going to push the limits in whitewater SUP, you have to wear the right gear. As soon as you start pushing class 4+ you're going to fall, and you're going to hit hard. But who cares, if you're wearing the right equipment, right?

For years we've been using classic BMX and motorcross gear, but we have recently designed our own based on the equipment we have used in the past, but optimized for use in a water environment. This means, among other things, materials that don't get waterlogged, and more adjustment straps to secure the armor in place - water has a tendency to really jerk your protection around.

It's OK to push the limits - you just want to walk away when you're all said and done.

Delivery for this is June 2016. Order yours today, and select COD as a payment method - we only collect payment when it's ready to ship.

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