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Toys For Your Soul

Corran Addison was born in South Africa where he started kayaking in the mid 1970’s. By the time he was 18 he was designing kayaks for what was then the largest kayak manufacturer in the world. In 1992 he competed in the Barcelona Olympic Games and went on to medal three times in the world Championships. As a paddler he is known for his extreme kayaking, leading the charge through the 1990’s and 2000’s to run bigger and harder rivers. At the same time, he pioneered much of freestyle kayaking, inventing many of the staple maneuvers used today.

Corran is possibly best known for his designing. He was responsible for inventing the “planing hulled” river kayak – an invention which carried kayaking into a new era. At the same time, we was shaping surfboards (a childhood passion) and by the mid 2000’s was already shaping and building cutting edge paddleboards. He has gone on to become known within the industry for his forward thinking surf shapes, winning race designs, and cutting edge river boards.

Today, Corran is still leading the charge in extreme river paddling, but now on paddleboards. Soul Waterman is where you can get into, or onto, his latest creations.

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